Charlotte Vandermeersch

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After receiving her degree at Studio Herman Teirlinck and acting in several shorts, Charlotte Vandermeersch quickly landed roles in Felix Van Groeningens’ Dagen Zonder Lief and Erik Van Looy’s Loft.

From then on, Charlotte Vandermeersch has been omnipresent in the Flemish television and film landscape: she has appeared in Het Goddelijke Monster, Nowhere Man by Patrice Toye, Turquaze by Kadir Balci, Code 37 by Jakob Verbruggen, the series De Ronde by Jan Eelen, Belgica by Felix van Groeningen , De Premier by Erik Van Looy and Salamander by Frank Van Mechelen. She was also as the composer and the singer in the documentary Berg. At the Brussels International Film Festival, Vandermeersch received the award for Best Actress for her role in the short Marie. In addition to television and film, Charlotte Vandermeersch is also active in the theatre (Zwanenmans, Deurdedeur, Wat is Drinken?) with her own theatre company called Lazarus. Charlotte was one of the main characters in the Belgian comedy series What if, produced by Shelter and directed by Tim van Aelst. The series was twice awarded an Emmy for Best Comedy. Charlotte created her own music with her band WHALE* and had a participated in the Theater at the Beach festival in August 2018. She has a supporting role in Fabrice du Welzs new film, called Adoration and made her own theatre show called BUZZ.