Ella Leyers

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Ella Leyers moved in 2007 to the USA where she followed a theatre education in NY at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. After she returned to Belgium, she interpreted a serious of roles in several tv series, such as ZUIDFLANK and SPITSBROERS. She was Koen De Bouws side-kick in Professor T and was seen in the international acclaimed series 13 Geboden. Recently she played in the feature film ALL OF US by Willem Wallyn. Ella has a great sense of comedy and has been transforming like a reel cameleon in the comedy show TEGEN DE STERREN OP (vtm) in many different characters, like Miley Cyrus or singer Linda from Milk Inc. She recently had a small part in the French film MA MERE EST FOLLE (Diane Kurys), ANNETTE by Léos Carax and the UK series The WINDOW. She also sings, plays theatre and is co -presenter in a satiric news show The Ideal World (Canvas).