Tom Vermeir

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Tom Vermeir (1976) is a Flemish actor and musician, who studied theatre at the Conservatorium of Ghent. He started his career as a singer and guitarist and g of the rockband A Brand. For ten years they were one of the most succesfull rockbands in Belgium with 5 records and different tours abroad. He combined his musical career playing theatre at the following companies, like het Kip and Compagnie Cecilia (De Pijnders, Gloria and the monologue Lacrima, Poepsimpel), NTGent, Kopergietery and Toneelhuis).

Nowadays, he mainly works together with stagewriter arne Sierens and his compagnie cecilia, who co-wrote the Belgica screenplay He interpreted the main role in Belgica, Felix van Groeningen fifth film, for which Tom was nominated as Best Actor at the Ensors. Felix van groeningen on Tom vermeir: “Tom is a natural talent. i’ve met him on stage, from the roles he played for arne Sierens. He really blew me away. He was made to play Frank.” For the last few years, he was very active in television and film.

Tom also played the main role in the french- belgian film Seule à mon Marriage by Marta Bergman and will soon be seen in tv series like The Day by Gilles Coulier and Dries Vos, The Team 2, a Danish - German - Belgian series and Jan De Lichte by Maarten Moerkerke.